Vince Chapman's Mom I’m not sure when I realized that my mother had Alzheimer’s.  Living away from home there were clues in our conversations, but confirmation was to come later.  My father knew but he was on that fine line that many caregivers walk between what they see and fear and what they hope for.  Eventually what develops in private becomes very public.  A few years ago we almost lost my mother after a fall and a resulting head injury.  The song “Remind Me of You (Mae Belle)” was born while reflecting on that time and what I thought this time would be for me and my family.  As a child of an Alzheimer’s sufferer I also worry at times if this terrible disease will consume me as well.  Every time I forget a name or my keys, it “reminds me” of my mom Mae Belle and others just like us!

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “as we age, most of us eventually notice some slowed thinking and problems remembering certain things. However, serious memory loss, confusion and other major changes in the way our minds work are not a normal part of aging. They could be signs of Alzheimer's disease.

Today more than 5 million people have Alzheimer's. African-Americans may be at especially high risk for the disease. But there are things you can do. Learn more about Alzheimer's, how you can reduce your risk and how to get stress relief if you are caring for a loved one with dementia.”

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